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ASK is a program that provides elementary school students with one-on-one tutoring, in-class afterschool assistance, and other projects.

ASK Strives to achieve the goal of helping the future generation of kids reach their full potential. The program involves college students assisting children in grades K through 5 in meeting the academic and social challenges of today. There are several branches to choose from:

One-on-One Tutoring: As a tutor, develop a positive relationship with one child as a big sister or big brother and assist with basic reading and math skills.

Active Assistance: As a classroom aide, assist with teaching math, science, and reading in small group settings. There is a complete interaction with student and no paperwork is involved.

College Day: Spend a day in spring quarter with elementary school kids while they visit and tour the UCSD campus. Help provide them with an idea of what college life is all about.

All programs require a quarterly commitment of no less than two hours a week.


ASK 2012-2013

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